As retrofitting is a complex and global process where decisions cannot be taken in isolation, there is an obvious need to devise an enhanced methodology, supported by an appropriate suite of tools, encompassing new concepts for comprehensive retrofitting that will satisfy occupant requirements and comfort needs while also achieving substantial reductions in energy use. Another specificity of GEOFIT is its strong focus on the demonstration of innovative geothermal based retrofitting solutions as real cases approaching net zero energy standards, thanks to three scalable and strategically selected demo sites (for the future exploitation of associated project end users), targeting the reduction of at least 60 % in energy consumption compared to the values before retrofitting while ensuring affordability and target a ROI between 5-6 years. These 5 pilot sites are respectively located in Spain, Italy, France and Ireland (2) representing different representative scenarios namely :(1) Geothermal based retrofitting in urban areas (2) Rock Drilling (3) Historical buildings with seismic risk (seismic retrofitting).


  1. To develop a complete set of geothermal retrofitting project management tool-chains in the different areas: (1) Retrofitting operations and integrated management framework (2) ICT Tools for ground research and worksite monitoring (3) BIM enabled methods and tools for geothermal based retrofitting
  2. To develop technology components and techniques for easy to install and cost-effective enhanced geothermal systems by (1) improving and adapting a suite of drilling techniques, (2) developing cost-efficient heat pump systems which are optimized for the use of geothermal heat and retrofit applications; and (3) optimizing the installation of heating and cooling solutions for energy-efficient building retrofitting.
  3. To enable the full utilization of the EGS in retrofitted buildings by unlocking flexibility services by the implementation of ICT based control systems and Building energy management systems (BEMS).
  4. To demonstrate the GEOFIT’s EGS, technologies and tools, and deploy GEOFIT’s IDDS framework into the retrofitting operations in 5 Pilot buildings, 4 different climate zones and 3 different retrofitting scenarios, in brief (1) Urban retrofitting (2) Retrofitting with rock drilling scenario (3) seismic retrofitting in historical buildings
  5. To use project activities as a vehicle to attain the maximum post-project uptake of the GEOFIT project foreground and its impact on the widest possible audience of EU workers and contractors, construction professionals and the general public.

Key information

Start date:  May 2018
End date: May 2022
Source of funding: EU Horizon 2020  
EU / H2020 Grant Agreement No.: 792210